Lab Humor

Real chemists never forget their safety glasses in the Chemistry laboratory.

In or out of the lab, you know you are a Lab Rat

Beaker: Beaker: Imaginative chemistry laboratory glassware

Daddy’s little chemist: Just watch out she doesn’t blow up the kitchen…

Mr. Lab Rat

Mrs. Lab Rat

Graduated Cylinder: Educated laboratory glassware.

Cellulose: A polymer of sweet repeating units

Make a mountain out of a molehill: One Mole is 6.02 times 10 to the power of 23 molecules. If you could pile up a mole of hills, you would get one humongous mountain.

Chemists are people too, or so they think…

Some chemists appear to have an Adiabatic Personality: warmth does not flow in or out

As chemists, we can certainly make Good Chemistry